12" Super Duty Beach Wheel Axle Kits

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  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit
  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit
  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit
  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit
  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit
  • 12 inch Super Duty beach wheel axle kit

 Take the same specifications of the 12 inch Super Duty Kahuna Beach Wheel and select from seven different axle lengths. Each do it yourself kit comes complete with two Super Duty polyurethane 11.8 to 12 inch beach sand tires, one solid 5/8th inch stainless steel axle, two stainless steel cotter hair pins, two stainless steel flat washers, and two nylon flat washers.

This Super Duty Beach Wheel axle kit can move a combined max payload of 240 pounds over just about any surface. These low air pressure super-duty polyurethane wheels work best in sand around 3 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). Maximum pressure is at 4 PSI. (DO NOT OVERINFLATE!!) It is suggested to test each wheel with a low-pressure tire gauge every few weeks to maintain optimum performance. Just a few pumps with a standard hand operated bicycle pump will be enough to fill each wheel. A Schrader valve extension may be needed depending on the size of your bicycle pumps nozzle fitting. .

Special Notes

1. Do NOT overload beyond the 121 lb. weight load capacity, as stated on each wheel.

2. Do NOT over inflate the beach wheels beyond the 4 PSI as stated on each wheel. Use a low pressure tire gauge to determine proper air pressure.

3. Do NOT use pressurized air to fill the beach wheels. Use a manual bicycle pump.

4. Avoid storing outdoors over long periods of time in the direct sun. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight could decrease the strength of the polyurethane tires.

5. Avoid thick vegetation with thorns and sharp sticks or jagged rocky areas and glass.
  • 2 Polyurethane Tire 11.8 inches high, 8 inch wide hub
  • Solid Stainless Steel Axel 5/8ths inches thick
  • Axel Length Options 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40",
  • Two Stainless Steel Cotter Hair Pins
  • Two Stainless Steel & Two Nylon Flat Washers
  • Combined Max Payload 240 lbs.
12 inch Kahuna Super Duty Axle Kit Sizes

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