12" Heavy Duty Beach Wheels

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  • 12 inch heavy duty beach wheel
  • 12 inch heavy duty beach wheel
  • 12 inch heavy duty beach wheel
  • 12 inch heavy duty beach wheel

 Finally a reliable less costly balloon beach tire option to roll through dry soft beach sand. These 12 to 13 inch "HEAVY DUTY", strong puncture resistant balloon wheels come without bearings. Made of a single wall layer of polyurethane designed to give you reliability at an economic price. Flatten and hover over the softest beach sand instead of digging a trench into it. This non bearing beach wheel, will never need to be cleaned. There isn't much of a difference between our nylon bearing SUPER DUTY Beach wheel unless you are pulling heavy payloads. If you are moving an average weight under 150 pounds in dry soft sand, this is the perfect solution in saving you money and hard work of pulling your stuff to the beach.

 Maximum pressure is at 3 PSI. (DO NOT OVERINFLATE!!) It is suggested to test each wheel with a low-pressure tire gauge every few weeks to maintain optimum performance. Just a few pumps with a standard hand operated bicycle pump will be enough to fill each wheel. A Schrader valve extension may be needed depending on the size of your bicycle pumps nozzle fitting.

  It is important to realize with lower air pressure you may sacrifice some stability. Just adjust your tire pressure based on the conditions you are using them.

Special Notes

1. Do NOT overload beyond the 121 lb. weight load capacity, as stated on each wheel.

2. Do NOT over inflate the beach wheels beyond the 3 PSI as stated on each wheel. Use a low pressure tire gauge to determine proper air pressure.

3. Do NOT use pressurized air to fill the beach wheels. Use a manual bicycle pump.

4. Avoid storing outdoors over long periods of time in the direct sun. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight could decrease the strength of the polyurethane tires.

5. Avoid thick vegetation with thorns and sharp sticks or jagged rocky areas and glass.

6. Do NOT leave heavy payloads on the wheels for long periods of time. This will cause the tire to bulge to one side.
  • Tire 12 to 13 hight x 7 wide Inches
  • Hub 6.5 high
  • Axle Hub hole width 6.25 Inch
  • 121 lbs or ( 55 Kg ) Max. load
  • Max. 3 PSI
  • Axle bore 3/4ths inches
  • 4 lbs product weight
Per One Beach Wheel

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