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   The Standard Wheel Lil Kahuna Kayak Cart is the same frame and axle as the beach wheel version. This is a great sturdy economic option and can easily be converted to beach wheels should you desire that option in the future.

   There are hundreds of kayak brands and types on the market, therefore one size cart does NOT fit all. In addition to color customizing your cart we are giving you the option to pick the best size cart for your kayak up to a maximum carrying load of 225 lbs. Choose from axle lengths starting at 28 inches up to 40 inches.

  The Lil Kahuna Kayak Cart is the dominant work-horse cart designed to NOT COLLAPSE on you. Many folding kayak carts will collapse and fold under modest resistance. This is very annoying and common when transporting through soft terrain or bumpy surfaces. The beach wheels allows you to pull your kayak through soft beach sand, up or down small street curbs and steps in addition to piggy backing a few additional items such as, ANOTHER KAYAK, fishing gear, coolers, paddle boards, beach bags, and chairs. A 12 ft. lashing strap is included with the cart, however an extra heavy duty lashing strap or tie down should be used for additional heavy items.

Choosing Cart Size.

  With the wide variety of kayak models out there it can be a bit confusing to decide which size cart will work best with your kayak. Keep these factors in mind when selecting a cart size. The wider the wheel to wheel width and axle length the more stable the cart. However, if you choose a longer axle length you increase the size of your cart and limit the ability of storing it on the kayak with you. It comes down to personal preference and the size of your kayak when considering if stowing your cart is must have option for you. It should also be noted the Lil Kahuna Kayak cart floats should your kayak tip over.

Kayak Hull Types

   Your kayak’s hull size, shape, and type will be a determining factor in selecting the best size cart for your kayak. There are 4 common hull types and different manufactures have some variations based on them. Some specific cart sizes will work best for a particular hull. Others will be more your personal preference, so a range of cart sizes will work fine as long as your strap your kayak down to the cart. Please refer to the picture slides above, or view a PDF guide by clicking here

Kayak Cart Placement

   Placing your cart closer to the middle of your kayak will decrease the weight you feel and work load of pulling your kayak. However if you are hauling live bait wells or mini coolers mounted to the rear of the kayak where most will go, you may want to place the cart under the area where most the weight will be. If you divide your overall kayak length into thirds, say UPPER, MIDDLE and LOWER, it is best to place the cart where the LOWER and MIDDLE meet, but with trial and error you may find a better placement location.

Scupper Hole & Hull Safe

   The Lil Kahuna Kayak Cart was designed to be friendly to all manufacturer’s Kayak models. Keep in mind there are very few manufactures that reinforce their hulls and scupper holes. If you are looking for a scupper hole mounted kayak cart, be sure you are NOT VIOLATING MANUFACTURE WARRANTIES. Cracked scupper holes and deformed hulls are costly and very difficult to repair and in worse cases ruin the kayak permanently.

Standard Wheels

   These are airless worry free 10 inch high, 1.75 inch wide diamond pattern solid black rubber tires. The wheel hub is constructed of a strong PVC with a 5/8th inch bushing. Each standard wheel has a max payload of 150 lbs and requires no maintenance.

Special Notes

1. Do NOT overload beyond the 225 lb frame load capacity.

2. Do NOT store the kayak on the cart for long periods of time. This may risk deformation on your kayak's hull.

3. Do NOT transport people, such as children, on the kayak cart even if the person weighs less than the maximum load. The cart can still become unstable as a person's weight shifts during transport.

4. Do NOT use any solvents to clean the cart. Only use soap and water. For stubborn smudges or dirt removal use of a product called Medisol is very effective. Using anything else risks removing the color pipes protective UV coating.

5. Always use a tie down or lashing strap to secure your kayak on the cart during transport.
  • Transport up to 2 Kayaks, SUPs, Coolers or Angler Gear
  • Max frame load capacity 225 pounds.
  • Fits into almost any trunk with room to spare.
  • Optional Loading handle available.
  • No Tools To Set Up.
Standard Wheel Axle Sizes
Frame Colors
Pad Colors
Optional Kayak Cart Handle
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