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  The Optional Suction Cup Handle for The Kahuna SUP cart and SUP dolly allows pushing or pulling with greater ease and stability while reducing the risk of dropping a wet board. Pulling the Kahuna SUP Cart with the optional handle also allows going up small street curbs or steps. However this should not be attempted if the curb or step is higher than the mid point of the wheel. The dual user handle feature will likely be helpful for the task of transporting heavier loads.

  The Suction Cup handle is not 100% fool proof. Always use the suction cup handle with the padded dual handle and tow strap to help keep your boards safe and secure. Combinations of extreme heat or a thin salty layer on a board surface can cause the suction cup handle to slide and break free. Watch the demo videos above to follow some simple steps to make sure you get a solid firm hold on your boards. Do not use the suction cup handle on hollow or thin hull shaped boards as deformation to the surface may occur..
  • For Big Kahuna SUP Cart
  • For Lil Kahuna SUP Dolly
Suction Cup Handle for
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