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   The goal was very challenging: Design affordable, portable, personal, and recreational Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) transport systems that are sturdy enough to haul three SUPs, plus beach gear, and yet easy enough for an average physically fit person, man or woman, to pull one board and paddle in soft beach sand. These SUP transport carts, cannot rust and must be able to break down and store quickly without tools into any mid-size trunk with room to spare. Add The Kahuna Beach Wheels and there is nothing that comes close to what the Kahuna SUP Dolly or Cart can do. We have done test after test looking for the BEST options to safely move large Stand Up Paddle Boards across soft beach sand and other surfaces. Other cheaper and more expensive transport options fall short of this feature.

  • No more forearm death grip fatigue from carrying your SUP.
  • No more chiropractor visits post SUP board head balancing tricks.
  • Keep your SUP off rough surfaces while loading & unloading.
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