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 The Big Kahuna SUP Cart was created as an portable, personal, and recreational Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) transport system that is strong enough to haul three SUPs, plus beach gear, and yet is light enough for one average physically fit man or woman to pull at least 2 boards on soft beach sand. Specific design consideration was made to protect your SUP investment by never needing to lay a board on harsh surfaces, like gravel or concrete, while prepping the boards for transport. You may encounter many undesirable conditions during loading and unloading of SUP boards on a vehicle. Not all beaches, lakes, or docks have soft sand or are close to parking lots. And not all beach parking lots have soft grass to safely lay a SUP board on as you load and unload. The SUP Cart breaks down and stows away without tools into any sedan trunk with room to spare. Piggy backing a few additional items such as a small cooler, tent, umbrella, beach bags, towels and chairs are possible with one or two boards but must NOT exceed the total frame load weight of 125 lbs.

Low Pressure Beach Wheels

  Anything less will feel like pulling a stack of bricks through molasses. These low air pressure wheels are heavy-duty polyurethane and work best in sand around 3 psi (Pounds Per Square Inch air pressure). Maximum pressure is at 4 psi. (DO NOT OVERINFLATE!!) It is suggested to test each wheel with a low-pressure tire gauge every few weeks to maintain optimum performance. Just a few pumps with a standard hand operated bicycle pump will be enough to fill each wheel.

  It is important to realize the lower the air pressure the easier it is to move through sand, however you sacrifice some stability with a lower air pressure. It may be wise to adjust your tire pressure based on the conditions you are using them. Under a heavy load it is best to avoid thick vegetation with sharp thorns and sticks or jagged rocky areas and glass to avoid any risk of tire punctures. To learn more about the 12 inch Kahuna Beach Wheels, click here.

Loading Gear With 1-2 Boards!

    This applies for single or two SUP Boards only. It is extremely important for the user to be mindful about the weight added to the cart. Be aware of the what your SUP boards weigh in addition to any other beach gear you wish to haul. Do not exceed the maximum frame load weight of 125 pounds. It is highly suggested that any item weighing over 10 lbs to be securely strapped down with your boards during use. Extra cargo straps are available for heavier items such as coolers, chairs, tents or umbrellas. Remember that the higher from the ground a object is, the higher the center of gravity for the cart. The higher you make the center of gravity of the cart the less stable you make the cart and it becomes easier to tip over during use.

Loading 3 Board Maximum

    We've determined the SUP cart can safely handle 3 boards even though the cart can handle a max frame load weight of 125 lbs. Anything more than 3 boards and the cart becomes too unstable to safely operate risking injury to the user or damage to your boards. Because of the higher center of gravity level that occurs with 3 boards, we do NOT recommend adding any additional gear or weight to the SUP Cart other than paddles, towels, and perhaps a small beach bag.

Special Notes

1. Do NOT overload beyond the 125 lb frame load capacity.

2. Do NOT over inflate the beach wheels beyond the 4 psi as stated on each wheel. Use a low pressure tire gauge to determine proper air pressure.

3. Do NOT use pressurized air to fill the beach wheels. Use a manual bicycle pump.

4. Avoid storing outdoors over long periods of time in the direct sun. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight could decrease the strength of the polyurethane tires.

5. Do NOT transport people, such as children, on the SUP Cart even if the person weighs less than the maximum load. The cart can still become unstable as a person's weight shifts during transport.

6. Do NOT use any solvents to clean the cart. Only use soap and water. For stubborn smudges or dirt removal use of a product called Medisol is very effective. Using anything else risks removing the color pipes protective UV coating.

7. Always use the lashing strap to secure your board and items on the cart during transport.
  • Works with Single, Thruster, Quad Fin & Race Boards
  • Transport up to 3 SUP Boards, paddles & beach gear.
  • Max frame load capacity 125 pounds.
  • Fits into almost any trunk with room to spare.
  • Note! Suction Cup Handle No longer Available
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